Website is live: Meet our mom models

Screenshot 2017-06-05 11.30.04

After a whirlwind of applications, scheduling and shot lists, we were able to put together a website in less than 4 weeks!  This was only possible because of the help of our amazing photographer – Laura Lee from My City Photos, hair from our dream team led by Dee Kane at Lure Hair Salon and visionary makeup by YaChu Makeup. And of course our stylist assistants: Hannah Nguyen and Amy Short.

Moms traveled from all over the Lower Mainland to be a part of our journey.  They were total troupers as they dedicated a full Saturday hanging out with us as we got them prepped for hair & makeup and clothing changes.


We were thrilled to see everything come together.  Best part?  When the mom models raved about how beautiful the clothes were and how comfy everything was!  Best, best part?  When we wrapped up after a 12 hour day and we popped open a bottle of bubbly.  And my little guy runs up to me and asks… “You finished with your models, mama?” And I replied while hugging him ever so tightly, “Yes baby.  Let’s go home.” 🙂


All of our future blog posts will now be on

Check us out there and don’t forget to tell us what you think!

Casting call: seeking real mom models

It’s really happening!  Our concept is now a reality and we are in search of real pregnant women to model our Spring collection.  Get featured on our e-commerce store, tell a friend & join the fun 🙂

Casting call for pregnant women: e-commerce photoshoot & fashion show

We are looking for local pregnant women to be a part of the exciting launch of a new online maternity store.  We want everyday real women, all shapes & sizes and at different stages of pregnancy.  No more fake bellies! The vision is to have our models demonstrate our effortless looks while inspiring others to look & feel great during pregnancy.  We are casting for our website photoshoot and for our launch party fashion show.

Who we are

Viemére is a local tech start up specializing in maternity fashion.  Our brand is innovative; offering chic clothes paired with cool how-tos.  Gone are the days where pregnant women are stuck with frumpy unflattering clothes.  They can now look & feel great with our carefully curated clothing.  Everything in our online store is well thought out; incorporating lifestyle, wearability and personal style.

What we are looking for:

  • Women of all sizes, ethnicity and varying stages of pregnancy
  • Willingness to wear different clothing styles including sports nursing bra
  • Comfortable with sharing model stats (i.e name, weight, height, week of pregnancy etc. so other moms can relate to you!)
  • Ability to change in/out of clothing, stand or walk for 2-3 hours (there will be breaks!)
  • Feel comfortable in front of camera and can take direction from photographer

Our vision/mood for our photoshoot is lifestyle, fun, attainable with a touch of inspiration.  Here are some examples. Please refer to these links to see if this excites you! (You don’t need to be a professional model!)


Please email us at with your contact information and the following:

  • Name, weight, height, dress size, week of pregnancy
  • Full body photo in fitted clothing (i.e workout gear)
  • Close up headshot

Your photos do not have to be professionally taken (a cell phone camera is fine!) as long as it is clear & visible.

You need to be available for ONE of the following dates:

Photoshoot date: March 12th 9-5pm (you’ll have a slotted time) at My City Photos studio or Fashion show: March 28th 6-9pm (Gastown location TBD)


Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our start-up journey! As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive professionally edited photos, hair & makeup application (model treatment!) and a thank you gift from Viemère’s online store.

Hair tip: DIY easy updos

You can have an easy hair updo in less than 5 minutes

We just came across the best way to style your hair for all your upcoming Christmas parties.  Easy. Simple. Do-it-yourself.

All you need is a friendly little ‘helper’:

  1. Metal Mania Ponytail Holder – $8


Give your hair a quick tease and do an easy low ponytail.  It’s even got an elastic hair tie to make it nice & tight so everything stays put.

2.  Rose bun cuff – $20


Go for a soft & romantic look.  Leave a few pieces near your face for that effortless look.  Give them something to look at as you walk away.

3.  Sparrow Duo Bobby Pin Set – $10

Screenshot 2016-12-09 15.55.00.png

Here’s an understated way to style your hair. A guaranteed conversation starter for your next house party.

Now try timing yourself – you can have an easy hair updo in less than 5 minutes! Now go & have as much fun decorating your hair as you would with your Christmas tree 🙂

What to wear before you announce

Strategically buy to wear now, and wear it again during mat leave.

In our last post we gave you some serious tips on how to stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.  Now inevitably you will need bottoms.  Especially now that it’s the dead of winter and maxi dresses aren’t really an option.  The thing is, in that early stage of pregnancy, only you know you’re pregnant.  Everyone else is probably wondering… “Hmmm is it possible she’s…?  Or maybe she’s just put on a bit of weight over Thanksgiving?” Ackward. Tactful co-workers or not, let’s have you looking fabulous until you’re ready to flaunt that baby bump.

Most moms-to-be will just go to the regular mall stores and get loose larger fitting tops until they can no longer get away with it.  The mindset is this:  The clothes are cuter, cheaper and because it’s not maternity I will wear them again after.  Wrong.


Ask any mom who has had the baby, goes on mat leave and then revisits the closet.  What happens?  Maternity clothes are too big, pre-pregnancy clothes aren’t practical (can’t nurse or you’re on the floor at the time!) and work clothes don’t fit the same!

So the key here is to strategically buy to wear now, and wear it again during mat leave.  We’re talking a 6-9 month window.  Lots of changes can happen after that time.  If you’re back at work right after a 3 month break than focus more on business casual pieces.  Here are our 3 big hitters to wear now and works post-baby:

  1. Red floral print zip front blouse – $29.90 Limited Time Only!


Layer this gorgeous number with a cozy cardigan for the office.  Distracting florals will keep the baby questions at bay.  But before long, you’ll be wearing this at a special get-together easily zipping through feeding session without thinking twice.

2. Ahh-mazingly Soft Pintucked Shirt – $59.85


Loose fitting to accommodate a growing bump now, you’ll wish you bought 5 of these plaid shirts.  One for every day of the week as you visit baby storytime, toddler drop-in gym and mommy playground dates.

3. Monk & Lou shell top – $79.00


The perfect lightweight top that doesn’t snug up at the stomach.  Wear it under a blazer for a super smart business casual look.  Works post-baby as a great family brunch top with button up nursing assess too.  You’ll want to feel “dressed-up”and get out of those cotton Ts!

Love these suggestions?  Spread the love to your newly pregnant friends.  They’ll thank you & so will we 🙂



A better way to shop online

If you haven’t heard about yet – this is the best thing since sliced bread! Although, this pregnancy pillow invention is a close tie! (I even took it with me on trips.  No joke.)

It’s really simple.  Shop via ebates and get money back!

Yep that’s right. Get paid to shop.

Since it’s that time of the year, and you’re buying stuff for your new baby, other friend’s kids, Christmas presents. Whatever. Shop via their site and they give you a % back based on what you spend. They have big retailers. You name it, they have it.

  • Amazon
  • Sephora
  • Indigo Chapter & lots more!

I’m kicking myself right now because I forgot to log in yesterday when I bought my Instant Pot off of Amazon. I could have made 3% back. Think about all the other online purchases you’ve made.  It’s crazy not to sign up.

What would I do without mommy friends who share how they save time (no parking drama anyone?) & save money too?! Get going on those pre-natal classes. I loved my prenatal swimming class at Fit 4 Two. Not to mention online Facebook groups like #TCMG Canada, or Urban Baby & Toddler magazine. It’s great to surround yourself with valuable resources from those who’ve done it before.

What’s the best advice you’ve received so far?

Dressing tips for the first trimester

Save the major shop for the 2nd trimester and stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.

I couldn’t leave my condo without having plastic bags stashed everywhere.  I was so sick with nausea it would come on any where.  Thankfully, I lived in downtown Vancouver so it wasn’t uncommon that odd things (like vomiting) would happen on the streets. The smells were the worst.  I was like a German Shepherd on a hunt.  These were on my blacklist:

  • Garlic
  • Scented lotions/handwash
  • Husband (he smelled!)

Most of these made it back by the time I hit 12 weeks (my husband barely made the cut but he was willing to give up his Old Spice).  So what should you have on hand besides plastic bags, lemons, ketchup chips and Premium Plus crackers?  You had a plan, remember?

The key to looking great in the early days is to be yourself.  Save the major shop for the 2nd trimester and stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.  Having said that – I’m not a “DIY” kinda mom.  I can’t rough it out by wearing elastic bands around my belt loops so I can stay in my jeans longer.  I would be too worried they would snap and take someone’s eye out.

Instead, here are my 3 absolute musts:

1. Ingrid & Isabel Everyday BellaBand


These things are brilliant because it’s like letting out your button right after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Instant relief. Except this time, no one has to know (see how-to video).  Some have told me they’ve use it while nursing so they don’t bare all when they lift their shirts.  So investment well worth it.

2. Bra extenders


Now bra extenders is that obvious answer after the fact.  But you’re ahead of the game. If you’re a pregnant mom who’s rib cage (bra band) just got wider and cups stay the same – you can stop holding your breath.  Spend less than you would on a new bra and wear all your own bras comfortably.  They come in 2 hook/3 hooks too.

3. Leggings


And finally at this stage of the game – get a good quality pair of leggings.  You’ll be in them the moment you get home from work.  You’ll live in them the entire weekend.  So maximize them by raiding your closet and sorting the stuff you can pair it with for the next few weeks.  These ones are local and meticulously designed to not-fall-off-your-butt.

What other strategies did you use in the first trimester? Share any tips you have here in the comments below!

What to wear for 9 months

Don’t get suckered into buying most of your maternity clothes all at once.

You’re soooo excited. You want to tell everyone you’re PREGNANT!!  But you know you shouldn’t.  The confirmation at the doctor’s office only makes it a bit less surreal.  Still. There’s worry.  The last thing you want is to “explain” to people if things…you know.  So you follow the standard practice of making it through the first 12 weeks.  Let’s not jump the gun. Although I have to tell you…the worry doesn’t end.  It’s almost like it builds you up for all the future anxieties you’ll have for the rest of the kid’s life.  Preparation for motherhood – I call it. From the genetic testing to the size of the baby’s head (how is it going to come out??!!) to eating/sleeping enough to private/public school debate…there will be much on your mind.  But let’s tackle one thing at a time. What are you going to wear for the next 9 months??

The key is to do 2 core maternity shopping sessions and sprinkle in fun pieces

The truth is, everyone is different.  So don’t get suckered into buying most of your maternity clothes all at once.  You can gain hardly any weight until the very end.  Or you can be visibly pregnant right from the start.  I’ve worked with moms who’ve gain anywhere from 30-70lbs.  These numbers can make shopping for clothing & sizing somewhat challenging.  The key is to do 2 core maternity shopping sessions and sprinkle in fun pieces that’ll make you look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.  Plus – you’ll want to look amazing at all the get-togethers.  The last thing you want is to see yourself wear the same thing in every single Facebook picture!

So here’s how to look stylish while pregnant and still be smart with your money.  It’s all about having a plan; anticipating the changes and being prepared for any upcoming social events.   Here’s what we suggest:

1st Trimester Goals:

  • Stay in your regular clothes as long as you can
  • Camouflage your midsection until you’re ready to announce
  • Get through the nasty nauseating stage

2nd Trimester Goals:

  • Stop suffering and get the basics
  • Evaluate upcoming events and mix & match like a pro
  • Update your panties please

 3rd Trimester Goals:

  • Get comfy for maximum growth
  • Know your nursing options
  • Plan hospital bag & own post-baby survival kit

6-12 week post-baby plans:     

  • Plan your laundry situation
  • Feel great while slowly bouncing back
  • Reconnect with yourself & prep for first date night

Beyond the belly plans:

  • Being okay with things not fitting the same
  • Functional kid-friendly-machine washable clothes
  • Transitioning back to work

We’ll be elaborating on each of these topics over the next few weeks.  Let us know in the comments below if there’s something you REALLY want to know about!