You just gotta go for it

Sometimes in life you just gotta go for it.  A few weeks ago I found out about Pitch for Purse.  A business competition organized by FWE.  The goal was to help women entrepreneur access capital to grow their business.  The winner would get $25K CASH MONEY.  My first thought was, “Ah there’s no way I’m gonna win.”  But then I mentally slapped myself.  Why not??  I kicked butt when I was in Grade 6 and won in Speech Arts! Not to mention I have had the privilege of being on TV (see the younger perkier pre-baby me) and was trained constantly in my tech start up program to pitch!

So after I finally got a name down for the business – I applied and practiced my pitch.  But this one was a bit different.  30 seconds only.  AND it had to include:

  • Your name
  • Name of business
  • What you do
  • How much money you’re asking for
  • What you’re going to do with the money

Now that’s quite a bit of info.  For only 30 seconds! So the challenge was to keep it short & sweet.  But powerful and MEMORABLE.  This is a competition for women entrepreneurs all across Canada.  I have no idea how many people I’m up against.  But I needed to stand out from the rest.  Make top 10.  Then pitch live to get into Top 3.  I will then be questioned by a panel of judges (kinda like Dragon’s Den??!) and be voted by an audience .  During this process I will have the opportunity to be mentored by a leader in the community.  How awesome would this be? I really have nothing to lose.

Maybe just face.  Well, and ego for sure.

Ah the hell with it.  I’ve already been secretly practicing my thank you speech in my head. Do I cry?  Try not to cry?  I wonder how many minutes I’m allowed? 🙂

I find out if I make Top 10 today!  I’m kinda freakin’ out.  Hear it first on Twitter & Facebook.  I’ll be posting the actual video submission here.  Wish me luck!

P.S. I promise there will be more fashion posts coming :*

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