C’est la vie

I learned to step out in faith, in fear and in failure. But I did it.

On Tuesday, I found out that I didn’t make Top 10 for Pitch for Purse.  I was anxiously waiting all morning.  I was so confident I was a sure-in.  I even picked out a dress from my closet to wear to the final awards gala. (No joke. I’m an image consultant after all! And if you’re curious, I was gonna wear my emerald green dress with a soft chiffon cowl neck detail.  Classy, understated but absolutely stand out.)  So was I…

Disappointed?  Yes.

Shocked? More yes.

Utter disbelief?  Ah YES.

There must be a mistake.  I thought.  I mean I know that’s not possible, but I killed at my pitch video and there is no one who has gone through my training could be as awesome as I was.  For those who know me…you know how intense I am.  It wouldn’t surprise you then, that I replied to the organizer of the program to ask if I could get some feedback on my application.  What’s done is done.  But being me; relentless, a bit stubborn and crazy  – I needed to know why I didn’t make it and what I could improve on.

It’s all about the process. That’s the most important part.

The organizer was lovely and gave me the time of day.  I was told that Viemère made the shortlist.  Everyone in the office LOVED my video.  Her exact words were, “Damn, that was awesome.”  <insert sigh of relief here> But what it came down to, was the stage of my business.  It was too early.  It was all timing and there was nothing else I could have done better.  I was encouraged to try again next year.  So was she just giving me the standard rejection speech? I proceeded to check out the list of winners to see for myself.

Turns out, I was up against companies like MyMayu that have made it to Dragon’s Den and Skoah, the multi-franchise spa where I’ve gone to get facials.  Oh I see.

After an evening of ‘red’ & several bowls of popcorn later. I’ve moved on.  And of course, my EiR had to say, “and, I’d hope it was fun, and you learned something? … ;-0”

Yes I did.  Thank you for the reminder.

And the funny thing is, this morning my son’s daycare teacher said to me in reference to his learning, “It’s all about the process.  That’s the most important part.”  And it’s a lesson not only to my 3 year old but to me as well.  I learned to step out in faith, in fear and in failure.  But I did it.  I hope this serves to motivate you and others who want to follow their dreams and reach their goals!

Now go check out my killer pitch video & tell me what you think!  Good luck to the top companies 🙂

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