What to wear for 9 months

Don’t get suckered into buying most of your maternity clothes all at once.

You’re soooo excited. You want to tell everyone you’re PREGNANT!!  But you know you shouldn’t.  The confirmation at the doctor’s office only makes it a bit less surreal.  Still. There’s worry.  The last thing you want is to “explain” to people if things…you know.  So you follow the standard practice of making it through the first 12 weeks.  Let’s not jump the gun. Although I have to tell you…the worry doesn’t end.  It’s almost like it builds you up for all the future anxieties you’ll have for the rest of the kid’s life.  Preparation for motherhood – I call it. From the genetic testing to the size of the baby’s head (how is it going to come out??!!) to eating/sleeping enough to private/public school debate…there will be much on your mind.  But let’s tackle one thing at a time. What are you going to wear for the next 9 months??

The key is to do 2 core maternity shopping sessions and sprinkle in fun pieces

The truth is, everyone is different.  So don’t get suckered into buying most of your maternity clothes all at once.  You can gain hardly any weight until the very end.  Or you can be visibly pregnant right from the start.  I’ve worked with moms who’ve gain anywhere from 30-70lbs.  These numbers can make shopping for clothing & sizing somewhat challenging.  The key is to do 2 core maternity shopping sessions and sprinkle in fun pieces that’ll make you look and feel great throughout your pregnancy.  Plus – you’ll want to look amazing at all the get-togethers.  The last thing you want is to see yourself wear the same thing in every single Facebook picture!

So here’s how to look stylish while pregnant and still be smart with your money.  It’s all about having a plan; anticipating the changes and being prepared for any upcoming social events.   Here’s what we suggest:

1st Trimester Goals:

  • Stay in your regular clothes as long as you can
  • Camouflage your midsection until you’re ready to announce
  • Get through the nasty nauseating stage

2nd Trimester Goals:

  • Stop suffering and get the basics
  • Evaluate upcoming events and mix & match like a pro
  • Update your panties please

 3rd Trimester Goals:

  • Get comfy for maximum growth
  • Know your nursing options
  • Plan hospital bag & own post-baby survival kit

6-12 week post-baby plans:     

  • Plan your laundry situation
  • Feel great while slowly bouncing back
  • Reconnect with yourself & prep for first date night

Beyond the belly plans:

  • Being okay with things not fitting the same
  • Functional kid-friendly-machine washable clothes
  • Transitioning back to work

We’ll be elaborating on each of these topics over the next few weeks.  Let us know in the comments below if there’s something you REALLY want to know about!

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