Dressing tips for the first trimester

Save the major shop for the 2nd trimester and stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.

I couldn’t leave my condo without having plastic bags stashed everywhere.  I was so sick with nausea it would come on any where.  Thankfully, I lived in downtown Vancouver so it wasn’t uncommon that odd things (like vomiting) would happen on the streets. The smells were the worst.  I was like a German Shepherd on a hunt.  These were on my blacklist:

  • Garlic
  • Scented lotions/handwash
  • Husband (he smelled!)

Most of these made it back by the time I hit 12 weeks (my husband barely made the cut but he was willing to give up his Old Spice).  So what should you have on hand besides plastic bags, lemons, ketchup chips and Premium Plus crackers?  You had a plan, remember?

The key to looking great in the early days is to be yourself.  Save the major shop for the 2nd trimester and stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.  Having said that – I’m not a “DIY” kinda mom.  I can’t rough it out by wearing elastic bands around my belt loops so I can stay in my jeans longer.  I would be too worried they would snap and take someone’s eye out.

Instead, here are my 3 absolute musts:

1. Ingrid & Isabel Everyday BellaBand


These things are brilliant because it’s like letting out your button right after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Instant relief. Except this time, no one has to know (see how-to video).  Some have told me they’ve use it while nursing so they don’t bare all when they lift their shirts.  So investment well worth it.

2. Bra extenders


Now bra extenders is that obvious answer after the fact.  But you’re ahead of the game. If you’re a pregnant mom who’s rib cage (bra band) just got wider and cups stay the same – you can stop holding your breath.  Spend less than you would on a new bra and wear all your own bras comfortably.  They come in 2 hook/3 hooks too.

3. Leggings


And finally at this stage of the game – get a good quality pair of leggings.  You’ll be in them the moment you get home from work.  You’ll live in them the entire weekend.  So maximize them by raiding your closet and sorting the stuff you can pair it with for the next few weeks.  These ones are local and meticulously designed to not-fall-off-your-butt.

What other strategies did you use in the first trimester? Share any tips you have here in the comments below!

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