What to wear before you announce

Strategically buy to wear now, and wear it again during mat leave.

In our last post we gave you some serious tips on how to stay in your regular clothes as long as you can.  Now inevitably you will need bottoms.  Especially now that it’s the dead of winter and maxi dresses aren’t really an option.  The thing is, in that early stage of pregnancy, only you know you’re pregnant.  Everyone else is probably wondering… “Hmmm is it possible she’s…?  Or maybe she’s just put on a bit of weight over Thanksgiving?” Ackward. Tactful co-workers or not, let’s have you looking fabulous until you’re ready to flaunt that baby bump.

Most moms-to-be will just go to the regular mall stores and get loose larger fitting tops until they can no longer get away with it.  The mindset is this:  The clothes are cuter, cheaper and because it’s not maternity I will wear them again after.  Wrong.


Ask any mom who has had the baby, goes on mat leave and then revisits the closet.  What happens?  Maternity clothes are too big, pre-pregnancy clothes aren’t practical (can’t nurse or you’re on the floor at the time!) and work clothes don’t fit the same!

So the key here is to strategically buy to wear now, and wear it again during mat leave.  We’re talking a 6-9 month window.  Lots of changes can happen after that time.  If you’re back at work right after a 3 month break than focus more on business casual pieces.  Here are our 3 big hitters to wear now and works post-baby:

  1. Red floral print zip front blouse – $29.90 Limited Time Only!


Layer this gorgeous number with a cozy cardigan for the office.  Distracting florals will keep the baby questions at bay.  But before long, you’ll be wearing this at a special get-together easily zipping through feeding session without thinking twice.

2. Ahh-mazingly Soft Pintucked Shirt – $59.85


Loose fitting to accommodate a growing bump now, you’ll wish you bought 5 of these plaid shirts.  One for every day of the week as you visit baby storytime, toddler drop-in gym and mommy playground dates.

3. Monk & Lou shell top – $79.00


The perfect lightweight top that doesn’t snug up at the stomach.  Wear it under a blazer for a super smart business casual look.  Works post-baby as a great family brunch top with button up nursing assess too.  You’ll want to feel “dressed-up”and get out of those cotton Ts!

Love these suggestions?  Spread the love to your newly pregnant friends.  They’ll thank you & so will we 🙂



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