I was my mom’s stylist probably at the age of 12.  She loved pant suits because she cannot put outfits together.  Like ever.  My dad had his own uniform thing goin’ on.  Navy khakis and polo Ts.  Like everyday.  Few others benefitted from my early experiments…my fav is probably my tom-boy BFF. From prom to first dates.  I shopped Scarborough Town Centre like nobody’s business.  Sadly, because I’m now on the other side of the country, my BFF dresses like a granny in a ponytail when she’s not rocking her Adidas.

All joking aside, this post is a shout out to that BFF.  Waddup Ma$e!  11 years ago I crashed on your couch in NYC.  Got trained as an image consultant. That week changed my life forever.  Armed with way too much education (M.A., BComm, CSC, CPH…yes thank you student loans), I dove face first and launched my first business.  Yummy Mummy Makeovers (now sold & rebranded to The Joy of Style).  Helping moms feel great about their post-baby bod all while hustling to build a business from ground up.  The toughest part was trying to get into the mindset of moms without being initiated into the club.  How hard can it be getting dressed in the morning?  I thought.  Little did I know.  It was only when my little guy arrived that it all made sense.

As a matter of fact, I think it all starts when that second red line faintly appears.  At least for me anyway.  3 months of bed rest.  Barfing on the streets of Granville.  Feeling gross and seeing your body change.  Miraculously but also shockingly.  At first you just look like you ate too much and then comes the cute bump.  Yes it’s happening!  Then that sweet little bump turns into a midnight snacking table.  Your shopping habits start to change too.  You start planning for your new arrival.  You’re thinking mat leave.  How short this is all going to be.  But yet you have to get new clothes ‘cause nothing fits.  If it wasn’t because I was a professional (I gotta practice what I preach!) I would have resorted to glasses, no makeup and my husband’s XL Ts.  The worse part were the options out there. Frumpy, overpriced clothes that were all one style.  Style ugly that is.  So 4 years later (my son just had his Paw Patrol themed bday party), I’m following through with a commitment I made to myself while I was pregnant.  You can look great, in a smart practical way without going overboard.  I busted out 10 years of experience dressing clients from petite to plus size to Paralympian.  I did it for me.  And I’m going to do it for you too. To the Momsperts – I’m glad I answered your WhatsApp message.  This is where it all began. Come along and let’s experience this magical world of motherhood together :*

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